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7+ Basic Drum Rudiments for beginners

Learn 7+ Basic Drum Rudiments for Beginners

Good morning, and thanks for visiting today! You were lucky and found this guide about the Basic Drum Rudiments for Beginners, where we explore the fundamental building blocks of drumming. If you found this blog post by accident, you may ask yourself the question: What are drum rudiments, and why should I even bother …

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Learn 5 ⚠️ Single Stroke Seven Exercises

Learn the single stroke seven drum rudiment

Good morning, and thanks for visiting today! In this blog post, you will learn 5 versions of the single stroke seven — another basic drum rudiment which beginners and pros need to know. If you haven’t practiced any drum rudiments so far, you might take a look at this article: What are drum rudiments? …

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Epic! El Estepario Siberiano – Easy Speed Exercises [2024]

Jorge Garrido alias El Estepario Siberiano is one of the fastest Drummers in the World.

Good day, and thank you for visiting!I am sure, you know Jorge Garrido alias El Estepario Siberiano, one of the fastest and most technically skilled drummers worldwide, which is why you’ve landed on my site.Correct? In this blog post, I will show you a few of his exercises – download them here – which will …

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Why ⚠️ This Is The Best Hi Hat Mic [2022/23]

best hi hat mic

Good morning, and thanks for visiting today!This time, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite hi-hat microphones and why I think, that these are great mics to capture the sound of your hats. Ready? Let’s go!The best hi-hat mic and why you need at least 1 of them  5/5 Beyerdynamic MC 950This is the Beyerdynamic …

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EPIC ⚠️ Donner DED 400 Review – [12%] Discount inside!

Donner DED 400 Electric Drum Set Review

Good morning, and thanks a lot for joining me on today! Not long ago, I published the Donner DED 200 Review, which is – so to say – the little brother of the DED 400 by Donner, which I will talk about in this article you are about to read.This is the Donner DED 400 …

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EPIC! ⚠️ Ludwig Drums Price List

ludwig drums price list

Good morning, and thanks a lot for joining me on today.You probably found this article because you were looking for a Ludwig drums price list researching the latest prices of these fantastic drum sets.Your search ends here! On this page, you will find Ludwig’s bestseller drum kits, their specifications, and their prices, so that you …

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All ⚠️ Types of Drums in a Drum Set

Explore all types of drums in a drum set

Good morning, and thanks for visiting today! If you are new to playing drums, there are many questions coming up. Some refer to particular drum techniques, rhythms, drum fills and drum rudiments, others to the drum set and its pertaining instruments.  Because it can be difficult to find a reliable resource, which answers your question right …

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