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These are the Best Free Online Drum Lessons
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These are the Best Free Online Drum Lessons

Best free online drum lessons

Keno Hellmann


Unleash your 🥁 drumming potential with – where rhythm meets expertise!
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Good morning, and thanks so much for visiting my website today!

If you’re looking to learn the drums without breaking the bank, you’re in luck. These lessons I’ll show you in this blog post are not only top-notch, but they won’t cost you a dime.

And if you like to go a step further, you can also subscribe to this free newsletter and even get free drum lessons by e-mail.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to improve your skills, these lessons have got you covered.

So, grab your drumsticks and let’s dive into the world of rhythm and beats together.

Where can I learn drums online for free?,, and many others are three highly reputable online drum schools that offer free lessons for drum enthusiasts from beginners to advanced drummers. Additionally, websites like and its uncountable drumming channels also provide a wide range of free online drum lessons. So, no matter your skill level or experience, these platforms have got you covered. Get ready to unleash your inner drummer without spending a penny!

Do online drum lessons work?

Yes, online drum lessons do work very well. Still, this way of learning to play drums requires discipline and the skill to practice the exercises the exact way in which they are shown by the online drum teacher. These observation skills are essential to master online lessons to make progress on the drums.

15+ Best free online drum lessons

The following (free) online drum courses and all included lessons can all be accessed by clicking this link. Simply sign up for the 30 days free trial on and pick any of the courses and lessons you like to learn from.
If you want to learn more about Drumeo, can also read my Drumeo review.

Fastest way to get faster is a free online drum course by El Estepario Siberiano

#1 Fastest way to get faster by El Estepario Siberiano

This online drum course by El Estepario Siberiano is ideal for drummers who want to improve the speed of their hands.
The exercises in this online course are suitable for beginners, intermediate, advanced and even professional drummers.

#2 Supercharge your drum solos by Larnell Lewis

In this course, Larnell will teach you within 6 lessons on how to create solos in your favorite music genre. Learn great go-to chops and spice up your drumming with this course.

#3 Sticking pattern mastery by Dorothea Taylor

Dorothea Taylor is well-known for her rudimental drumming.

Her drum online course “Sticking Pattern Mastery” will teach you the basics of the most important basic drum rudiments like the single stroke roll, double stroke roll, the single paradiddle and many more.

#4 Getting started on the drums by Domino Santantonio

This online drum course by Domino Santantonio is a great starting point for beginners!

This course will teach you easy drum beats, drum fills and a thorough gear guide will help you find your first drum kit and other equipment.

#5 Creative double bass for non-metal drummers by Ryan van Poederooyen

These free online drum lessons by Ryan van Poederooyen will help you learn to play the double bass and apply it to other music genres than metal.

Free YouTube drum lessons

YouTube is another great resource for free online drum lessons.
Still, this resource can be difficult to navigate — especially for beginners.

The amount of quality drum lessons is huge, but where and what should a beginner start with?

Here are some basic exercises which are great for beginners.

#6 Single Stroke Roll Exercises

Here’s a video about 16 single stroke roll exercises I created some time ago.

Practicing these exercises will help to develop a consistent single stroke roll — probably the most important drum rudiment of all.

#7 Easy drum beats for beginners

If you are looking for easy drum beats for beginners, this video will be a good starting point for you!

I created it for the very 1st steps on the drum set and to learn applicable and very common drum grooves.

#8 3 things I practice everyday

I found the following YouTube video by on his YouTube channel.

In the video, he teaches 3 essential things any drummer should practice frequently to make steps forward.

Which free online drum lessons should I add?

I hope that you find the free online drum lessons useful.

Please let me know if there are any free online drum lessons which I should add to this blog post.

I am happy to add them in the future.

Enjoy drumming and talk soon!

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