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Why ⚠️ This Is The Best Hi Hat Mic [2022/23]

best hi hat mic

Good morning, and thanks for visiting today!This time, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite hi-hat microphones and why I think, that these are great mics to capture the sound of your hats. Ready? Let’s go!The best hi-hat mic and why you need at least 1 of them  5/5 Beyerdynamic MC 950This is the Beyerdynamic …

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EPIC ⚠️ Donner DED 400 Review – [12%] Discount inside!

Donner DED 400 Electric Drum Set Review

Good morning, and thanks a lot for joining me on today! Not long ago, I published the Donner DED 200 Review, which is – so to say – the little brother of the DED 400 by Donner, which I will talk about in this article you are about to read.This is the Donner DED 400 …

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EPIC! Shure SE846 Review – Most Sophisticated Earbuds?

Shure SE846 Review

Good morning, and thanks a lot for visiting! In this blog post, I will help you decide whether the Shure SE846 earbuds are a good fit for you and for your intended purposes.  This Shure SE846 review is also an addition to the article I wrote about Shure’s best in-ear monitors for drummers. That article …

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EPIC! The best 10+ VST Plugins on Sale


Good morning, and thanks a lot for visiting today! If you play an instrument like the drums, you will probably record yourself from time to time using a pc, an audio interface, some microphones and your favorite DAW (digital audio workstation) to organize and mix the recordings.  But what do you do to record other instruments …

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Amazing ⚠️ Toontrack EZdrummer 3 Review [+ Audio Samples]

Toontrack Ezdrummer 3 Review

Good morning, and thanks for joining me on today! In this blog post, I will talk about drum recordings and how to record drums without drums.What?  Yes, these days that is easily possible, and you won’t believe how affordable it is as well!Check out for yourself:Here’s your studio drummer!Toontrack Ezdrummer 3 is probably the best …

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UNDER ⚠️ $400! Donner DED 200 Review [12% Code incl.]

The Donner DED 200 review helps you decide which electric drum set is ideal for you.

Good morning, and thanks a lot for joining me on again!Today you are reading the Donner DED 200 review – probably one of the best electronic drum kits under $420,- which I have tested and review so far.  Looks good – what do you think? 😉Donner electric drum kitIn this DED 200 drum kit review, …

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EPIC! IN-EAR MONITORS FAQ 😇 10+ things to know!

FAQ about In-ear monitors

Good morning, and thanks for joining me on today! In this blog post, I try to answer the most frequently asked questions about in-ear monitors and in-ear monitoring systems. Both are important for musicians on stage and in the rehearsal room, because they help improve the performance independent of the venue. Ready?  Let’s go.What are in-ear monitors used …

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