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FUNNY 5 [+] DRUM MUGS [2022] for travel, gigs & more

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Good morning, and thanks a lot for joining me on Midnightdrummer.com today!

I know, that this topic about funny drum mugs might sound trivial.

Yet, any drummer owns at least one coffee mug and yes, a drum mug is one of the best drummer gifts, I can imagine.

It's cheap, any drummer will actually use it, and it's worth the money!

In case, this is something you can agree with, here's what you can expect from reading this blog post:

Funny 5 [+] drum mugs for travelling, gigs and more

Without further ado, let's start with the funniest drum mugs ever created:

Dibs on the drummer mug for coffee & tea

Dibs on the drummer mug 

This “Dibs on the Drummer” drum mug is ideal for a drummer's girlfriend. 

Drummer Nutritional Facts

This drummer travel mug shows all nutritional facts about a drummer. How much talent does your drummer contain?

Snare drum mug

This snare drum mug looks really cool. It looks as if someone built a coffee mug from a real snare drum. Ideal for rehearsals and other drum occasions. 

Drum mug with funny saying 

This drum mug comes with a funny saying on it: “I might look like I'm listening to you, but in my head I'm drumming”.

Funny drum kit mug 

If you are looking for a funny drum kit mug, this one is the right one for you, in particular if you are looking for a gift for your dad.

Funny coffee mug for drummers

Here's another funny coffee mug for drummers with a very cool saying.
It says: “I enjoy romantic walks through the drum store”.

Funny drummer gift mug

Funny coffee mug for drummers

Here's another funny coffee mug for drummers with a very cool saying.
It says: “I enjoy romantic walks through the drum store”.

What's your favorite drum kit mug?

I know, finding a perfect gift (drum kit mug) for a friend isn't that easy. If you need some more inspiration, please have a look at my cool drummer t-shirts page.

There you will find great drum mugs, hoodies and t-shirts for male & female drummers.

Enjoy playing drums and talk soon!

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Keno Hellmann

Keno is a professional drummer & blogger from Hamburg, Germany.
In his career, he played drums for prominent artists like Elton John and popular German bands like Rosenstolz, Big Soul and others.
Since 2004 he's also teaching drums to students of all age-groups from beginners to advanced and semi-professional drummers.

He loves kitesurfing in Germany's North Sea & Egypt's Red Sea, cooking, and he is a big supporter of the HSV football team.

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