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The best 100+ Gifts for drummers

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Almost everybody knows someone who plays drums and loves the powerful sound of all the drum set parts.


No matter whether it's your drummer boyfriend, husband, your son, daughter, your neighbor or your colleague at work - they all love great and original gifts for drummers which they actually can use while practicing drums or listening to their heroes. 

That's why I created this ultimate buyer's guide for the best drummer gifts and drum accessories. Because only a happy drummer is a good drummer - husband - son - daughter - neighbor or colleague.


Let's go!

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The best drummer gifts, 2021

If you are looking for the best drummer gifts, this buyer's guide will help you find an ideal present for any percussionist or drummer. Here are 3 to start with:

Evans RealFeel practice pad red

Evans Drum Pad 

Overall Rating: 5/5

Every drummer needs a drum pad like this to practice drum rudiments or to warm up their hands before going on stage. It's ideal to improve technical skills and a must-have for drummers. It's a great 1st gift for a beginners. 

best in ear monitor for drummers

Shure SE215

Overall Rating: 5/5

If you are looking for the best in-ear monitors for drummers, you can stop searching now! The Shure SE215 is a fantastic budget iem for under $100, and it even protects your ears while playing drums.



Overall Rating: 5/5

Every percussionist needs to practice drum rudiments. Probably the most popular one is called the Single Paradiddle, and it's written RLRR LRLL. So a hoodie or shirt showing this rudiment is a great gift idea. 

Cheap Gifts for Drummers under $10

Let's start with the low-hanging fruits every drummer should have! Here's my list of favorite cheap gifts under $10:

stick control for the snare drummer

Stick Control for the Snare Drummer

Stick Control for the Snare Drummer

Stick Control for the Snare Drummer is a classic and a must-have for every percussionist of any level and for beginner drummers too. It's the ideal book to help improve your "stick control" and speed up your hands & fingers and if you like: Your feet too! At the moment it's available for less than $10.

The best promark drumsticks for beginners

The best Promark drumsticks for beginners

The best Promark Drumsticks for Beginners

Good drumming starts with a pair of great drumsticks.

One of the bestsellers for years is the Promark Pro Round TXPR5AW. It's ideal for beginner drummers, intermediate and professional drummers who love sticks which are made from Hickory wood. Hickory is a pretty dense and heavy wood like Oak. That makes a more durable drumstick and I love it!
Last time I looked them up they cost $9.99, and I can recommend them to anybody who likes to hit things with drumsticks.

Earplugs for drummers

Cheap earplugs for drummers

Oropax / Cheap Ear Plugs

This great gift costs approx. between $7 and $15 and can be worth a lot more. Sometimes you might also get it for free as a giveaway.
Oropax - for example - is one of the cheapest but very efficient ear protection available. It's not perfect for musicians but better than nothing in case you are looking for instant ear protection.
If you are looking for more professional ear plugs for musicians please click here.

in ear headphones

A great addition for the 3M earmuffs: In-ear headphones

Low price In-ear headphones

These low price in-ear headphones by Panasonic are a fantastic addition for the 3M earmuffs, which you can see here

Put them on, the earmuffs on top and a great sounding headphone is born. Last time I looked them up, they cost appr. $10.

drummer notebook for drum notation

Drummer notebook 

Drum Notation Notebook

Sometimes a percussionist needs to write down his own drum beats, fill-ins or drum rudiments.

That's why a notebook is a must-have for everybody who wants to play drums the serious way. 

This one only costs $6.99.

moongel drum resonance dampener pads

Moongel drum resonance dampener pads

Moongel Resonance Pads

You just figured out how to measure drum heads, bought new ones, put them on, but your drums still don't sound the way you expect them to sound?

Then Moongel can be a quick solution. These silicon pads dampen drum heads and help avoid unwanted overtones. Just put them onto your drum heads and let the magic begin.

Awesome Gifts for drummers under $20

Here are more low-priced but still cool gifts for under $20.

K&M 16451 Drum Tool

K&M 16451 Drum Tool

K&M Drum Tool

This is no conventional drum key and every drummer boyfriend needs it!
The K&M tool is made for multiple tasks in a musician's life. You can use it to tune your snare, bass drum and any drum you can imagine. There are several screwdrivers & hexagon socket screw keys in different sizes included which help to tighten or loosen any screw on your drum kit.
In case you are looking for an alternative, just click here for a multi tool by Meinl.

3M earmuffs for drummers

Protect your ears: 3M earmuffs for drummers

3M Earmuffs (also) for drummers

The 3M Earmuffs are my favorites. I wear them several hours every week. They cost less than $20 and the best feature is the combination when wearing it with the next gift idea.


Promark Hot Rods

Promark Hot Rods sound completely different from normal drumsticks. With these you can play softer with a very distinct sound.

Therefore, every percussion player should try these out for playing ballads or for quiet practicing sessions.

funny drummer shirt

Funny Drummer Shirt: "Drumvolution"

Funny Drummer Shirt "Drumvolution"

Here's a funny shirt for your son, husband or anybody else who loves playing drums. The design shows the progress of mankind from caveman to the drums.
You can find more clothing gifts here.

best snare drum wires

Another great gift idea: Snare wires

New Snare Drum wires 14"

The sound of your snare also depends on the snare wires. You need new wires if they are too old, worn out or damaged.

These Tama snare wires a great fit for 14" snare drums.


Streetbeat Drumsticks for iPad & Android Tablets 

These drumsticks are made for having fun! Play your favorite songs on your iPad and on your Android tablet using these cool sticks.


Promark Sizzler

This item is really cool and makes your 22" ride cymbals sizzle. Ideal for smooth and jazzy drum tracks and very affordable too.

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