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Here you will find the best gifts for drummers
Gifts for Drummers
Here you will find the best gifts for drummers

EPIC ⚠️ 61+ Best Gifts for Drummers [XMAS 2022]

Keno Hellmann


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Good morning, and thanks a lot for visiting!

Today, I'd like to show you the best gifts for drummers, which every percussionist will enjoy.

Of course, I don't mean useless gadgets, which nobody really needs!

No, not at all! 

Rather, I have been searching for great gift ideas, which have the potential to even improve his or hers life.

Sounds interesting?

Let's start with the contents of this ultimate buying guide:

Table of Contents

What do you gift a drummer?

There are useful gifts which every drummer can use in his or hers daily drumming routine. Here are a few affordable gift ideas to consider: 

  • Drumsticks
  • Jazz Brushes
  • Damper Pads
  • Drum Practice Pad

Depending on the drummer's preferred music style, drumming skills and your own budget, there are several other gift ideas to choose from like snare drums, in-ears, bass drum pedals and many more. 

The best gifts for drummers in 2022

If you are looking for the best drummer gifts, this buyer's guide will help you find an ideal present for any percussionist or musician you know.

Here are 3 great gift ideas to start with:

Evans RealFeel practice pad red

Evans Drum Pad 

Overall Rating: 5/5

Every drummer needs a drumming pad for practicing drum rudiments or to warm up their hands before going on stage. It's ideal to improve technical skills and a must-have for drummers. It's a great 1st gift for a beginner. 

best in ear monitor for drummers

Shure SE215

Overall Rating: 5/5

If you are looking for the best in-ear monitors for drummers, you can stop searching now! The Shure SE215 is a fantastic budget IEM for under $100, and it even protects your ears while playing drums.



Overall Rating: 5/5

Every percussionist needs to practice drum rudiments. Probably the most popular one is called the Single Paradiddle, and it's written RLRR LRLL. So a hoodie or shirt showing this rudiment is a great gift idea. 

Gift ideas for drummers UNDER $10

Let's start with the low-hanging fruits every drummer should have! Here's my list of my favorite gift ideas for drummers under $10.


stick control for the snare drummer

Stick Control for the Snare Drummer

Stick Control for the Snare Drummer is a classic and a must-have for every percussionist of any level, and for beginner drummers too.

It's the ideal book to help improve your “stick control” and speed up your hands & fingers and if you like: Your feet too! At the moment, it's available for less than $10.

If you want to learn more about the author of the book, please listen to the podcast on

The best promark drumsticks for beginners

Promark Drumsticks

Good drumming starts with a pair of great drumsticks.

One of the bestsellers for years is the Promark Pro Round TXPR5AW. It's ideal for beginner drummers, intermediate and professional drummers who love sticks which are made from Hickory wood. Hickory is a pretty dense and heavy wood, like Oak. That makes a more durable drumstick and I love it!
Last time I looked them up, they cost $9.99, and I can recommend them to anybody who likes to hit things with drumsticks.

Click here and learn more about Promark drumsticks.

Earplugs for drummers

Oropax / Ear Plugs

This great gift costs approx. between $7 and $15 and can be worth a lot more. Sometimes you might also get it for free as a giveaway.
Oropax - for example – is one of the cheapest but very efficient ear protection available. It's not perfect for musicians, but better than nothing in case you are looking for instant ear protection.
Here's an in-depth blog post about the best earplugs for drummers to learn more.

in ear headphones

In-ear headphones

These low price in-ear headphones by Panasonic are a fantastic addition for the 3M earmuffs, which you can see here

Put them on, the earmuffs on top and a great sounding headphone is born. Last time I looked them up, they cost appr. $10.

drummer notebook for drum notation

Drum Notation Notebook

Sometimes a percussionist needs to write down his own drum grooves, fill-ins or drum rudiments.

That's why a notebook is a must-have for everybody who wants to play drums the serious way. 

This one only costs $6.99.

moongel drum resonance dampener pads

Moongel damper Pads

You are trying how to measure drum heads, bought new ones, put them on, but your drums still don't sound the way you expect them to sound?

Then Moongel can be a quick solution. These silicon pads dampen drum heads and help avoid unwanted overtones. Just put them onto your drum heads and let the magic begin.

If you want to learn more about Moongel, please click here.

Free download of easy drum beats for beginners

55+ Easy drum beats (Free download)

If you know a beginner drummer, here's what you were looking for:

“55+ Easy Drum Beats for Beginners” is a FREE download bundle containing easy to learn exercises. Also included in this download bundle are MP3 files, a PDF, and even click-tracks.

If you want to start without any further costs, click the following button:

AWESOME GIFTS FOR a Percussionist UNDER $20

Here are more low-priced but still cool gifts for a percussionist under $20.

K&M 16451 Drum Tool

K&M Drum Tool

This is no conventional drum key, and every drummer boyfriend needs it!
The K&M tool is made for multiple tasks in a musician's life. You can use it to tune your snare, bass drum and any drum you can imagine. There are several screwdrivers & hexagon socket screw keys in different sizes included which help to tighten or loosen any screw on your drum kit.
In case you are looking for an alternative, just click here for a multi tool by Meinl.

If you want to learn more about K&M's drum tool, please click here.

3M earmuffs for drummers

3M Earmuffs (also) for drummers

The 3M Earmuffs are my favorites. I wear them several hours every week. They cost less than $20 and the best feature is the combination when wearing it with the next gift idea.


Promark Hot Rods

Promark Hot Rods sound completely different from normal drumsticks. With these you can play softer with a very distinct sound.

Therefore, every percussion player should try these out for playing ballads or for quiet practicing sessions.

funny drummer shirt

Funny Drummer Shirt "Drumvolution"

Here's a funny shirt for your son, husband or anybody else who loves playing drums. The design shows the progress of mankind from caveman to the drums. If you are looking for more merch, please have a look at my cool drummer t-shirts page.

best snare drum wires

New Snare Drum wires 14"

The sound of your snare also depends on the snare wires. You need new wires if they are too old, worn out or damaged.

These Tama snare wires, a great fit for 14" snare drums.


Streetbeat Drumsticks for iPad & Android Tablets 

These drumsticks are made for having fun! Play your favorite songs on your iPad and on your Android tablet using these cool sticks.


Promark Sizzler

This item is really cool and makes your 22" ride cymbals sizzle. Ideal for smooth and jazzy drum grooves and very affordable too.


Here's the next collection of cool gifts for drummers.
Don't worry – they won't be more expensive than $30!


Vic Firth Jazz Brushes

Your best friend is a Jazz drummer? Then he / she needs to brush his or hers drums now and then!

These Vic Firth Jazz Brushes are a classic and the metal wires sound great!

At the moment, they cost approx. $26

Learn more about Vic Firth drumsticks and click here.

Evans RealFeel practice pad red

Evans Real Feel 6" Drum Practice Pad

The Evans Real Feel drum practice pad for drummers is available in different sizes and there's even a special edition – available in red here.
The 6" is the smallest version and costs approx. $24.99. It's ideal for any musician who likes to practice drum rudiments and hand techniques. It's a great addition to drumsticks ear plugs and Stick Control. If you are interested in buying the 12" version, just click here for more information

Awesome drummer long sleeve shirt

Awesome Drummer Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Yes, drummers are awesome, and that's why this long sleeve t-shirt is a great fit for every musician with drumsticks in his or hers hands.
You can find even more clothing gifts here.
It's Ideal for any drummer boyfriend or girlfriend who loves playing drums.

Pearl Wingloc Cymbal Quick Release

Pearl Wing Lock Cymbal Quick Release

Nobody else but drummers know what this is for!

These little things are made to quickly change cymbals. All you need to do is press the red handles and push them onto your cymbals stands. Using this quick release, anybody can change cymbals as quickly as changing underwear. No screws needed anymore!

If you want to learn more about this special item, please click here.

Behringer ha400 stereo headphone amp

Behringer HA 400 Micro Headphone Amp

This product is a great gift idea, too. It helps to increase a drummer's monitor level to hear things better.

It's also available for 4 or 2 headphones, which can be used for monitoring while rehearsing with a band.


Drummer Hoodie "RLRR LRLL"

A warm and cozy drummer hoodie is a great gift for musicians who love playing on their drums.
"RLRR LRLL" is one of the 40 Drum Rudiments, which are exercises to improve your technical skills in your hands and also feet. So every percussionist knows what RLRR LRLL means and will love this hoodie for drummers.
For a complete overview of cool merch for drummers, please click this link.


In this section you will find gifts for a drummer under $100. 


Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Damper

The Evans EQ Pad bass drum damper helps to correct unwanted frequencies of your kick drum – fast.
It's easy to apply and a good dampened sound will follow.


Promark Transport Deluxe Drumstick Bag

These drumsticks transport bag is one of the finest available. It will carry loads of drumsticks, jazz brushes, rods and more. Ideal for gigs and to keep your tools in place.


Pearl BC930 Cymbal Boom Stand

When it comes to drum hardware, Pearl is my absolute favorite drum manufacturer. All their products, at least their hardware products, are very stable and will last a lifetime.

In case you know someone who needs a good stand for his / hers expensive ride cymbal, check out this Pearl stand.


Pearl S930 Snare Drum Stand

As mentioned before – Pearl is a very reliable drum company!

That's why I also recommend this snare stand for under $100. It's pretty versatile and stable, so that your snare will stay in a safe position while playing on your drum set.


Pearl Drop Lock Clutch

The Pearl Drop Lock Clutch is one of the coolest gifts ever, and it will impress anybody who receives it.

It's made for double bass drum playing and for professional drummers who like great quality equipment.


PDP by DW Drum Throne (PDDT 700)

Looking for a decent budget drum throne? Then this PDP product might be a good choice for yourself and your favorite drummer you want to find a present for. 

It's pretty affordable and stable. Nevertheless, if you want a drum throne for life, please have a look at more expensive ones.


Pearl AX-25L Extra Long Clamp

We are getting more and more specific while we are following the rabbit hole of the best drummer gifts.

Have you ever seen such a thing like the Pearl AX-25L extra long clamp? No wonder if you aren't a drummer!
This item is pretty useful and made to extend your cymbal stand. When attached, you can use it to add an extra cymbal holder – like this one – or an auxiliary hi-hat, for example.


Meinl Cajon Box

And yes:
Drummers love to hit things and finger tapping on any surface available – no matter if it's a table, knees, or anything else which create a good sound.

So a real cajón like this one is something any percussion player and drummer will enjoy playing on, and of course this is an awesome gift idea for drummers.


Evans Real Feel Kick Drum Pad

Yes, the Evans Real Feel products which I have recommended here and here are also available for the bass drum pedal. 
Using this kick drum pad, a drummer can practice his bass drum foot quietly and on the road when there's no drum set available.


Evans Sound Off (4 Pcs)

Drums are pretty loud, and this is a good gift for drummers who hit their drums and cymbals very hard.
Of course, this present isn't selfless at all. You will win and your loved drummer boyfriend will too!


Meinl Cymbals Bag - Benny Greb Edition

This Meinl cymbals bag is made for all Benny Greb supporters worldwide. It's made for your precious cymbals up to 22" and to keep them save wherever you go.


Alpine Music Safe Pro Music Earplugs

The Alpine Music Safe Pro Earplugs for Musicians are made for loud music, rehearsals and live gigs on stage.
These products are more robust and professional earplugs than the Oropax, which I mentioned in the first section of the drummer's gift list.

km drink holder for drummers

K&M DrinK Holder

Playing drums can be exhausting. Especially when practicing new grooves or playing on stage under warm headlights.
That's why every drummer need this K&M drink holder! You can attach it to the hi hat stand or any cymbal stand near you.


K&M iPad / Tablet PC Holder

Here's another great K&M product for holding an iPad / Tablet PC.
You can attach this holder to your cymbal or microphone stand so that you can view your iPad when playing drums.


Zildjian Drummer Towel

Yes, playing drums makes you sweat. So a drummer towel is exactly what will help in such exhausting moments.
This Zildjian drummer towel will wipe away excess sweat, tears, and other body fluids. 


The Big Fat Snare Drum Head 14" Donut

This product is an excellent gift idea for percussionists and for creating a fat snare sound. In case you know a musician who likes to experiment with different sounds and drum skin, this is what you are looking for! Made for 14" snare model.


Promark Drummer Gloves

These Promark drummer gloves are made for long practice sessions, rehearsals, and gigs. They avoid painful blistering and your drumsticks slipping out your hands.


Kickport 2 Drum Enhancer

What the hell is that?
Well, this product is so specific, only drummers can imagine / know what it is meant for.
You bet!
Okay, I'll explain: The Kickport 2 drum enhancer is made to increase the low frequencies of your bass drum sound. Simply attach it to the hole in the resonance head and let it do the work.


Meinl Cymbal Set Box

Every Drummer needs cymbals – the more, the better!
This Meinl cymbal set is an awesome gift for drummers who just started their career.

Evans RealFeel practice pad red

12" Real Feel Drum
Practice Pad

Here's the big brother of the 6" version of the drum pad I mentioned above.
The 12" version fits most snare stands, which makes it a bit easier to set up than the 6" drum pad. Besides from the size, there's no difference between those two pads.
By the way; there's also a bass drum pad available here.


Aquarian Drum Heads
For Toms

From time to time, a drummer has to change the drum heads of his drum kit. Most people buy Remo drum heads, but I prefer Aquarian. To me, they sound warmer – especially the coated versions.

Why not trying out something new?

best in ear monitor for drummers

Shure SE215 In-Ear

The Shure SE215 (for me) are the best in-ear monitors for drummers.
They are equipped with a single high-definition audio driver, and they protect your ears too.

These iem headphones are great for studio, live gigs and for practicing drums. I also wear them while running or while meditating.

Here you can read an in depth Shure SE215-cl review.

shure sm 57 snare drum microphone

Shure SM 57 Snare Drum Mic

The Shure SM 57 snare microphone is an absolute classic. It's one of the most widely used snare and guitar amp mics worldwide. It costs approx. $100 and is a must-have mic for every drummer in the world.
In combination with the Zoom H5 and the Audix D6 you will have everything necessary for basic drum recordings.


Tama Rhythm Watch

The Tama Rhythm Watch is an analog metronome. Yes, there are real devices – not apps – which did and still do the job today.

The Rhythm Watch is one of the most versatile metronomes available. It's not cheap, but it's good – made for practicing, gigs and studio.

Fun gifts for drummers

Here are some fun gifts for drummers which you shouldn't miss, before deciding which one to pick.

This is a cool shirt with drums on it

Funny Drummer T-Shirts

T-shirts are always a great fun gift for drummers. If you know, what kind of humor “your” drummer is into, you may find one here.

LED drumsticks

These LED drumsticks are looking great. In particular, when playing at low lights, the visual effects are fun.

Funny mug for drummers

Drummers love funny stuff. In particular, if one can drink coffee from it!
This funny mug for drummers is one example, any player will love!

Drumsticks Cooking spoons

If your presentee is a drummer and also a cook, here's what you are looking for. These cooking spoons are ideal for percussionists.

Unique gifts for drummers

In case you are looking for a rarer kind of present, here are some unique gifts for drummers: 

This backpack is a unique gift for drummers

"Dibs on the drummer” backpack

This cool back back is a unique gift for drummers – or a drummer's girlfriend! Good-looking and ideal for gigs, rehearsals to carry all your sheet music and drumsticks.

This coffee mug is a great gift idea for drummers

Coffee Mug for drummers

Musicians love drinking coffee, so do drummers!
This drum mug named "Drumvolution” is the perfect gift idea for any percussionist you love!

Great drummer gifts for him

Here are a few drummer gifts for him – only meant for “him”:

Cool drummer necktie for him

This funny necktie is a perfect drummer gift for him. If you love drum kits, this is all you need. 

Graffiti drummer socks

These drummer socks show a graffiti style drum set with bass drum, tom toms and cymbals.

Zildjian drumsticks wax

This wax isn't only meant for male drummers. It is ideal to get a tighter grip when sweating on stage or while practicing your drum rudiments in the sun.

Funny drummer clock

This clock is always on time and ideal for your boyfriend's rehearsal room.

Gifts for a drummer boyfriend

In case you are searching for special gifts for a drummer boyfriend, it can become a bit more difficult.

Every drummer is different, so are the gift ideas. Here are a few ideas, which most male drummers love:

Rock drummer bedclothes

Any drummer will love sleeping in these bedclothes, showing a 5-piece drum set with cymbals and hi-hat.

Drummer jewelry

This beautiful drummer jewelry is another great gift idea for a drummer boyfriend.

Christmas gifts for drummers

Yes, there are even Christmas gifts for drummers, which only make sense if you wait until Winter.

Here are some examples:

Ugly sweater for drummers

This ugly sweater for drummers is one of the funniest Christmas gifts I was able to find. Is it ugly enough? 

“Santas favorite drummer” mug

Yes, I had enough mugs in this blog post, I know!
But this one needs to get seen by many eyeballs. It's funny and a great Xmas gift for drummers.


There are a few things, every beginner drummer should or must have. Here's what I would suggest to anybody starting his or hers drumming career – no matter what age group:

Vic Firth 5A American Classic Drumsticks

This pair of drumsticks is probably the most popular in the whole world. It's ideal for children from age 5 to 6, teenagers and adult drummers who like the feel of a hickory drumstick.

3M earmuffs ear protection

Ear protection is the most crucial thing as a drummer! Hearing loss can cause the end of making music, and this must not happen. Ever!
Products, like these 3M earmuffs aren't expensive, but very effective. Also, your drums sound bigger than ever when wearing these. 

Stick Control for the snare drummer

This book is an all-time classic and a must-have for every drummer and percussionist.


If you mean very young drummers between 2 and 5 years-old, I would suggest the following gifts:

Vic Firth Kidsticks

These smaller than usual drumsticks are ideal for small hands. 
In case your little drummer boy or girl need a great pair of sticks, these are a great choice.

Meinl Percussion 4-piece hand drum set for children

Nino stands for hand percussion for children and is a subsidiary of Meinl Percussion from Germany. 
This starter set is ideal for toddlers and children until age 8 to 10.

The fun drum book for kids

This drum book is made for for children who want to learn to play the drums. No drum set needed to practice all exercises.  

Drum related gifts

If you still haven't found an adecuate gift for your loved drummer, here are some more drum related gifts for your consideration:

Drum recording studio sign

This drum recording studio sign looks great in any rehearsal room and drummers will like it!

Keychain for drummers

Keep your keys where they belong using this cool drummer keychain "weapons of mass percussion".

DIY gifts for drummers

If you are looking for DIY gifts for drummers, I'd like to invite you to my merch store.

Here you can customize each product, filling in your own greetings and sayings for your loved drummer.

Novelty drum gifts

Here's the latest stuff related to novelty drum gifts.

Since this category is pretty large, I cannot focus on two or three simple items to be picked. But I am sure that you can make your own decision on what your drummer will like the most.

Birthday gifts for drummers

Drummer birthday card

This drummer birthday card shows a 5-piece drum set with hi-hat and ride cymbal. I am pretty sure that this birthday card would be a great addition to any other drummer gift. What do you think?

3D Drummer desk lamp

This drummer desk lamp can be a good choice to improve the looks of your drummer's rehearsal room or desk. The 3D lamp shows a complete drum kit in a shiny blue color.

Father's Day gifts for drummers

If your dad is a drummer, and you are looking for Father's Day gifts for drummers, the following present ideas might be ideal:

Father's Day necktie for drumming dads

In case your drummer dad loves wearing neckties, this one is a great choice! Wearing a drum set on a tie looks great and will make his bandmates smile.

This black hoodie is a great father's day gift for drummers

Father's Day “Awesome Drummer” Hoodie for drumming dads

Here's a great hoodie for your drummer dad. It's the ideal Father's Day gift for an “Awesome Drummer”!

What's your favorite drummer gift?

I know that it can be quite challenging picking a drummer's birthday present or a gift for any occasion. 

In particular, this is difficult if you don't have any idea of what a drummer can really use in their daily (practice) routine.

Drum Books, can be a great choice!

Still, there's the danger of buying one, which doesn't fit the needs of that one particular drummer you want to give it to.

Let me ask you one question at the end of this gift guide for drummers:

Which gift did you buy, and what was the reaction like when you gave it to your drummer?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post.

Talk soon and enjoy playing drums!

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