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Cheap drum sets for beginners
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Cheap drum sets for beginners

EPIC ⚠️ 11+ Best Drum Sets for Beginners (2022)

Keno Hellmann


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Good morning, and thanks a lot for visiting today!

In this article, I will show you – IMO – the best drum sets for beginners, why I picked them and where you can buy them, too.

So, if you just started playing drums – no matter what age – this article is a good start for you!

By the way:
You will find the cheapest drum sets at the end of this blog post.


Let's start with the contents:

The best drum sets for beginners

Further down, I will explain in detail, why these best drum sets for beginners are a great deal.

For a good start, please have a look at my top picks for this article:

Pearl beginner drum set

The Pearl Road Show beginner drum set is a great choice for the start, but also for intermediate drummers.

Pearl is a worldwide popular brand, and many pro-drummers play on drum kits made by Pearl.

This 5-piece drum set comes with the following components:

  • Bass Drum & Pedal
  • Snare Drum & Stand
  • 2 Tom Toms & Holders
  • Stand Tom
  • Hi-Hat & Cymbals
  • Crash / Ride Cymbal & Stand
  • Drum Throne

If you need a complete kit, this Pearl drum set is a great choice!

Yamaha Stage Custom starter drum kit

I play Yamaha drums, many others play Yamaha drums too.


The quality is very good and they sound great!

This Yamaha Stage Custom drum set for beginners is a fantastic choice for the start and for your whole drumming career too! 

Believe me, I have been playing this type of drum set since the early 2000s, and they are instruments which fit most drummers needs, they last long, and you can also use them for your next gigs. 

Ludwig Accent Series drum set

Ludwig is one of the most famous drum manufacturers in the US. 

The Ludwig Accent Series drum set is made for the beginners and is available in many colors and set-ups.

If you are looking for a good beginner drum set, you should consider buying this Ludwig drum kit.

The best beginner drum Set for adults

Many students of all age groups ask me what drum set to buy and if there are any specs which are important to know.

And yes, there are many specs which are critical, but there aren't drum kits only meant for adults to play on per se.

Does drum size matter?

Yes and no.

Yes, because the size of the bass drum (diameter) determines how high / low the toms can be mounted.

And of course, the sound a drum triggers depends on its size.

Please have a look at the following image so that you can see what I mean: 

Drum Set Parts

All drum set parts (and their names)

As you can see, the bass drum is the center of your whole drum kit. Its size defines where to put the rest of the instruments.

In particular, the tom toms!

So, if you like to share a beginner drum kit with your 5 or 6-year-old and teenagers, you should aim for a smaller bass drum in 20”.

There is no adult drum set per se

So, there are no adult drum sets per se. It's only the (bass drum-) size which determines the playability for smaller drummers.

Which drum set size is ideal for adult beginners?

A great thing about drums is the variety of drum sizes.

If you want to play Rock music, I would start with a 22" bass drum 5-piece drum set like I showed you here.

If you like to play Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Funk and other music styles, you should buy a 5-piece drum set with a 20" bass drum.

These drum sets are so-called “fusion” drum kits, and even kids from 5-6-years-old can play on such instruments easily!

I play them too, and I never missed the sound of a big and more boomy 22" bass drum.

IMO, a fusion drum set, as described above, is a more versatile instrument which will fit almost every music style and genre.

Also, Rock music!

Starter drum set for adults

Which starter drum set for adults you choose, depends on your personal preferences and budget.

But how much do drum sets cost?

Drum set prices range from $250,- up to $10.000,- and more. 

I would recommend a 5-piece drum set with the following drum set parts:

  • Bass Drum & Pedal
  • Snare Drum & Stand
  • Hi-Hat & Cymbals
  • Crash Cymbal & Stand
  • Ride Cymbal & Stand
  • Hi-Tom & Holder
  • Mid-Tom & Holder
  • Stand-Tom
  • Drum Throne

Here are my recommendations in different price ranges:

The best 5-piece beginner drum sets

Pearl Roadshow

Complete 5-piece beginner drum set available in several configurations.

Gretsch Catalina maple drum set

Gretsch is popular for great guitars and, of course, for drum sets. Even Phil Collins plays Gretsch drums, and you can too!

Tama Imperialstar 5-piece drum set

Tama is a Japanese brand for great sounding and high-quality drums.
The Police drummer Steward Copeland plays these drums.

Mapex Rebel 5-piece drum kit

This Mapex drum set is another great alternative for beginners. This model is the cheapest drum set in this section. 

PDP by DW 5-piece starter drum set

PDP is a subsidiary of DW and this one is a good starter drum kit.

Which is the best drum set for teenagers?

In my blog post about the best drum sets for juniors, I have described the most important specs for a junior drum set.

Nevertheless, a junior drum set, IMO, is nothing different from a drum kit for adults, which I have shown you in this very blog post.

So, if you are on the brink of buying a drum set for your teenager, you will probably have a good idea now, of what instrument / brand / size / budget makes sense for you.

Which is the best beginner drum set for me?

At this point, you will have an idea, of what is essential when buying your first beginner drum set. 

You won't be disappointed when you buy a so-called fusion drum set, which I have described above. This kind of drum kit is the most versatile in terms of music styles and playability for any age group.

Is a cheap drum set bad?

Not in general!

There are always opportunities to buy a good, low-priced drum set. In case your budget is really tight, I recommend checking out this website.

You can use the following discount code for your purchase:

Donnerdeal Discount code

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Use Midnightdrummer15 at checkout.

Cheap starter drum set for adults
Good starter drum set for adults
5-piece beginner drum set

You can use this 15% off Donnerdeal discount code any time and for any product you want to buy. It is effective from the day you click the button above and enter the code at checkout

The cheapest drum sets available [ever]

In case you are willing to spend some time for researching used drum sets, you should click here

Drum sets in a good used condition are great and many colleagues, I know, only buy old vintage drums.

You can find cheap used drum sets, but it's not easy. I might be useful to research your local second hand shops, garage sales and so on to find a great bargain.

Cheap drum sets under 100

This can't be real!

But still there are cheap drum sets under $100,-.



And yes, you can use the discount code Midnightdrummer15 to get an extra discount.

this drum set is made for children, and it's a more toy drum compared to a high-quality long-lasting drum set with great features. 

Let's wrap this up!

I hope that this blog post helped you find a first drum kit for yourself. 

Any drum set you buy as your first one is a good choice in general, because it will help you find out, what you will need in the coming years for your personal drumming style.

If there are any questions, feedback etc., please leave a comment below. I am happy to help!

Enjoy playing drums and talk soon! 

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