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GREAT 10 [+] Shure SE215 replacement tips

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Good morning, and thanks a lot for visiting Midnightdrummer.com today!

In this blog post, I'd like to share my Shure SE215 replacement tips, which I gathered during the last 6 years or so.

These are one of the best in-ear monitors for drummers for the money, and are really great for any circumstance – not just for making music!

I use them on stage, in rehearsals, while playing to music in my drum booth, but also when I go running.

Unfortunately, nothing is made for eternity, neither are these IEM. A few months ago, my left earphone discontinued to work, and I tried to fix it. 

Here's how I did it:

My top Shure SE215 Replacement Tips

Here are my favorite replacements for the SE215 and other in-ear monitors made by Shure. 

If you are looking for a review from my drummer's perspective, please click here: Shure SE215-cl review

If there's anything which doesn't work anymore, you will get a replacement.

These are my favorites:

Shure EABKF1 foam sleeves

Shure EABKF1 Foam Sleeves

Due to better hygiene, you should replace your foam sleeves from time to time.
I recommend buying these Shure EABKF1 foam sleeves, but there are cheaper ones like these too.

Shure Eatfl Cones

Shure EATFL Cones 

The Shure SE215 sound isolation only works properly, when the earphones fit very tightly in your ear canals.
Therefore, these Shure EATFL cones are a great choice for drummers and other musicians with wide ear canals.

To get the best ear-protection ability of the Shure IEM, you should try these.

Shure earphone cable in black

Shure earphone cable

When you buy the Shure SE215 in-ears, it will probably be shipped with the original stiffer and long-lasting cable (EAC64-CL).
Yesterday, I got the black version (link), which is more flexible and probably more comfortable to wear during my drum lessons.

Shure SE215 earphone piece

Shure SE215 replacement earphone Piece (left & right)

Yes, even the Shure SE215 earphone pieces can be replaced as often as you like.

Of course, these aren't that cheap (see here), so that you should be careful with your in-ears.

Why you should pick in-ears with replaceable components

Professional in-ear monitors aren't cheap!

Not at all!

When using your in-ears day in and day out, there will be damages over time, which can cause a total loss if components like earphone pieces, cables etc. aren't replaceable.

That would mean, that you'd have to buy the whole product again.


Since not all components will get damaged at the exact same time, it's important that single pieces, like mentioned above, can be replaced at any time.

Therefore, the Shure in-ears are a great choice!  

Why I had to replace my left Shure earphone piece

Without prior symptoms, my left Shure earphone piece gave up working. I still don't know why, but warranty was over, and I had two choices:

  • Try to fixing it
  • Buy a new piece

I tried to fix it myself, but I stopped after watching the following video:

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So I ordered a new left earphone piece, because I didn't have much time to fix it on my own.


Creating wireless Shure in-ears

The great thing about the Shure in-ears is the ability to interconnect all components from the SE & AON products. 

That means that you can also create wireless Shure SE215 in-ears. You only have to buy these.

What do you think?

Have you ever replaced any pieces of your Shure in-ears? Do you have any experience fixing them as seen in the video above? 

Please let me know in the comments.

Thanks and enjoy drumming!

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Keno Hellmann

Keno is a professional drummer & blogger from Hamburg, Germany.
In his career, he played drums for prominent artists like Elton John and popular German bands like Rosenstolz, Big Soul and others.
Since 2004 he's also teaching drums to students of all age-groups from beginners to advanced and semi-professional drummers.

He loves kitesurfing in Germany's North Sea & Egypt's Red Sea, cooking, and he is a big supporter of the HSV football team.

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