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Finding the best budget snare drum can be tricky. Here's how.
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Finding the best budget snare drum can be tricky. Here's how.

EPIC! 9+ Best Budget Snare Drum [2022]

Keno Hellmann


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Good morning, and thanks for visiting today!

Are you looking for the best value snare drum for beginners, intermediate- and even pro-drummers?


Then this blog post is exactly what you are looking for!

On this site you will find a selection of new & good cheap snare drums.

To make it as easy as possible to find your next snare, I have categorized them by their prices:

  • Snare Drums ≤ $150,-
  • Snare Drums ≤ $250,-
  • Snare Drums ≤ $500,-
  • Snare Drums ≤ $1000,-

As you can see, “budget” doesn't necessarily mean “cheap”! 

In this blog post  you will learn, why and which snare drums are the best for your individual budget.

Are you ready?

Let's go!

The best budget snare drums

When it comes to drums, the popularity and style offered by snare drums are something you can't ignore. 

There are 1000nds of snares available—impossible to know them all!

The best snare drums for the money!

If you know what kind of snare drum sound you want for your drum kit, huge discounts for high-end snares are possible.

>> has hundreds of great snare drums in stock starting at ONLY $89,- for this one:

Whether you are looking for something warm or resonant or want to try something that will replicate a thunderclap, the right snare needs to get found.

But what does a snare drum cost and does it have to be expensive to be considered as a good snare drum?

Let's see!

Cheap Snare Drums under $150,- 

Here's a selection of the cheapest new snare drums available at the moment. Please be aware that the overall quality of a new instrument in this price category cannot be the same as in the more expensive categories.

That, of course, does not mean, that a budget snare drum doesn't sound good.  

Gretsch - Black Hawk Mighty 10 x 5 snare drum 

Complete 5-piece beginner drum set available in several configurations.

Kuyal Professional Snare Drum

Made with high-quality steel, this snare drum has a burly wood appearance. It is crafted by using fine workmanship and can be durable for long-term use. It is also suited for professional stage play and is highly preferred by music lovers and also professional drummers.
The dimensions of the drum are 4.33" x 14" or (11 x 36.6) cm (H x Dia.).
The pricing starts at USD 37.95 and cheapest on this list. 


  • It is suitable for professionals
  • The durability seems good


  • The quality of the snare drum wires can be improved
  • The sound quality could be better


Created to offer a punchy, warm, and nice crack along with singing resonance, this snare drum is the right choice.
It can be used as a main or an auxiliary snare to help add depth and color to music. Preferred by concert performers, rock bands, church drummers, or school performers, it is a useful product. It has 6 tuning lugs that ensure a better quality sound in all tunings. It allows anyone to loosen, tighten or mute the drum and comes with a drum key.

The drum has 3-ply, 100% poplar wood shell that comes with 7.5 mm thickness and an appealing zebra wood wrap along with the white-coated head. 

The pricing starts at USD 46.95.


  • It is inexpensive as compared to products offered by larger drum companies
  • The shell is reasonably thick, and the drum doesn't feel low quality


  • There are no snare beds
  • The lugs are a bit tighter than needed

Eastrock Snare Drum Set

This option can be considered when seeking a superior quality snare drum with thick drum barrels, solid drum circles, and imported drum skins. It is ideal to use for students, beginners, and even professionals. When ordered, it comes with a stand, practice pad kit, sticks, and drum keys. It is a 14x5.5 inch snare drum with 20 wire sand bell. It also has an all-steel cavity that has a full and thick voice. The price starts at USD 88.99, and buyers get a 100% warranty for a year against the manufacturer's defects.


  • The sound is quite good
  • The case is nice and thick with a handy strap to make carrying it easy


  • The size of the stand could be improved
  • The quality of the sticks can also be enhanced

Mendini Student Snare Drum Set

Available in multiple color options, this 14-inch x 5.5-inch student snare drum is ideal for beginners and students. It comes with a 30-inch snare stand with 10 lugs. The size is standard, and everyone, from students and adults, can use it. It also comes with a rubber practice pad that can be used to mute the sound of the drum. The package will include sticks, a padded gig bag, and an adjustable neck strap. Pricing starts at USD 89.99, and it comes with a 1-year warranty against the manufacturer's defects. 


  • The stand is extendable
  • Low cost and good quality product


  • Lack of instructions on assembling
  • The quality of gig bag can be improved

Eastar Snare Drum Set

When buying a single snare drum is not enough, people go for this drum set that is ideal for everything, be it beginner practice or advanced learning. The set has everything from a bag to drums to sticks to mute pads. It's a 10 lugs snare drum that comes with tighter skin which ensures a better snare tone. The snare has an internal overtone felt, which one can manually adjust and reduce the overtones of the snare. The maximum playing height of the stand is 43 inches / 110 cm, and the mute pads are very effective. 


  • The sound dampeners or mute pads are effective
  • It's a good snare drum set for the money


  • The quality of the heads can be improved

Budget Snare Drums under $ 250,-

If you are looking for higher priced snare drums, you should expect a higher quality and maybe a "better" or at least a more flexible sound spectrum.

Each component of a snare drum is available in different qualities.

Have a look at this high-end snare drum strainer made for Pearl Free Floating Snare Drums, and you will get an idea of what I mean. 

That said, any component of a higher priced snare drum should be of a higher quality and should therefore work more precisely.

Pearl Piccolo Snare Drum 13"

Pearl is one of the big players in the drumming scene, and it's known for high quality drums, hardware and the like.

The Pearl Piccolo Snare Drum in 13" is a great budget snare drum with a crisp but great sound.

Ludwig Supralite Steel Snare 14"x8"

Here's another great example of a great snare drum at a reasonable price:

The Ludwig Supralite Steel Snare in 14"x8".

Cool Snare Drums under $ 500,- 

Here's the most expensive price category for this blog post.
But can any drummer consider a snare drum at this price as "budget"?

Let's see.

My favorite “Budget”
snare drum

For a quick and easy orientation, I will show you my personal favorite first. As you will notice, it's not a horrendously expensive instrument!

this pearl free floating snare drum wants to be played

Pearl Free Floating Snare Drum

This is a maple Pearl Free Floating snare drum in 14" x 5.5" and it's not a cheap snare drum at all.

Still, this snare drum is one of my favorites and in my opinion one of the best budget snare drums.


Pearl's free floating concept is brilliant and allows switching shells in order to create different sounds for diverse musical styles and demands.

Need a warmer maple shell for ballads? No problem! And for next week's funk recordings, you can switch back to the brass shell again.

The Pearl free floating snare drums' fan base is huge, and any replacement part is available worldwide.

With a little luck, you can buy yourself such a high-end instrument here at a low price.

5 of 5 stars

How to find the best budget snare drums on ebay?

Another great place to find a high quality snare drum is Ebay.

Things to Remember When Buying a Snare Drum

When intending to buy a snare drum as a beginner or an expert, one must remember certain factors that influence the long-term use and value for money offered.

Here they are:


It is a smart move to check what material is used to build a snare drum. Different varieties range from wood to metal, brass to bronze, aluminum to hammered, and even non-hammered. The sound will be different according to the material you choose. For instance, wood snares are good for better bass, while non-hammered snares are ideal for creating bright tones. 


The snare drum has different shell sizes, and the sound depends on them. For instance, a rock snare will have a diameter of 14 inches and a depth of 5 to 6 inches. They will also be made of steel or maple and will usually have metal hoops. In contrast, orchestral snare drums will be made of wood, have medium depth and calfskin head to ensure generous muffling.


Consider your budget while looking for a snare drum and choose a cheaper option if you are a beginner. The costlier options are well suited for on-stage performers. Don't hesitate to exceed your budget a bit for higher quality and long-lasting product. 

Final Words

Choosing the right one from a list of Top 5 Snare Drums You Can Find on Earth in 2021 is easy if you do some basic research and read the pros and cons of every product you consider. Let us help you be a smart buyer!

The best snare drum for the money

Final words & conclusion

Here are some final words to conclude this best budget snare drum blog post.

After all, I have experienced in my drumming career, it's not all about the money and how much you pay for a snare drum or any other drum set parts.

The sound of a drum doesn't necessarily depend on how much you spent for it.

What's for sure is the better quality of the components if you are willing to pay more for a snare drum.

In most cases, a high quality snare drum will make it easier to tune it precisely, to set the right amount of the strainer sound etc.

By the end of this article, you should know, that buying a cheap snare drum isn't always a problem, but you need to keep in mind, that quality – of course – has its price.

Here's another blog post for you:
How is the snare drum played?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.
Please leave a comment if there are any questions, feedback etc.

Talk soon!

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